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Property Refurbishment from the area of Kensington W8

Use a professional bathroom refurbishment service in Kensington W8 – it’s one of the best ways to enhance your property’s value. However, it can be a difficult process to get started. You've got to know what elements need to be improved. And find out what materials are required. Not to mention the fact you need to find a reliable, highly trained crew. Wondering what the answer is?

Just call us. Give us the details of your project and we’ll calculate a quote. It’s completely FREE and without obligation.

Bathroom Fitting In Kensington W8 Performed Like So:

  1. Your bathroom will be prepared for refurbishment and fittingKensington W8 technicians will disconnect and then remove all your old furniture
  2. Any old tiles, plaster, and plasterboards will be removed – this readies the space for new tiles
  3. The room will get new plumbing and electrics – fully trained technicians will install new pipes and drains, as well as perform re-wiring for any new lighting fixtures
  4. Remedial works will be applied to the walls and ceilings – what’s more, all surfaces will be levelled, and floors and sub-floors prepared
  5. Tiles will be laid on the walls and floors – this process will be carried out with specialist tools
  6. New or old furniture and accessories will be fitted– according to your specific needs and requirements. Once that’s done your service will conclude

    To make your booking or get more information, call us on 020 3404 3377. Take note - we’re available 24/7.

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Pick Us As Your Bathroom Refurbishment Company In Kensington W8

You’re sure to get:

  • A successful bathroom refurbishment service – you've hired a company in Kensington W8 that only employs specialist technicians
  • Face to face support – schedule a FREE home consultation before the real work begins
  • Help with full timetables – we’re willing to adapt to your schedule
  • Guaranteed workmanship – your job will be fully insured from start to finish
  • Money conscious techniques – got a budget? Let us help you stick to it

Take note, we also renovate offices, kitchens, and full properties. Get in touch now for more information!

Schedule An Appointment With Richard's Bathroom Fitters In Kensington W8

It’s vital that you provide as much information as possible about your project. Otherwise, the bathroom fitters we send to you in Kensington W8 won’t be properly prepared! Wondering how you do this? When you make your enquiry give us both written details and photos. In return you’ll be given a preliminary cost estimate. This price will be confirmed during your on-site consultation.

Prefer not to call? Then enter your details into our handy contact form or use the chat facility. This service is available to all. And that includes landlords, tenants, estate agents, homeowners, and you.

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More Info About Our Bathroom Installations In Kensington W8

Trowels. Rakes. Drills. Scrapers. Mixers. Saws. Grinders.

They’ll all be brought to you by experienced bathroom installations technicians in Kensington W8. What’s more, you can request plumbing and electrical materials, as well as fixings, tile adhesive, and so on – all you’ve got to do is pay a little extra.

Take note, we’re also available for home, office, and full property renovations.

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